Other sector where in these Years we are specialized, is the scholastic Transport that we develop for the Commune of Sessa Aurunca. The service is guaranteed from a Team of referenced Drivers and professional Experience, in degree to guarantee to the Students a Transport conforming to the maximum Safety Standards

The Company effects Connections among the various Fractions of the Commune such as: Laurel. St. Castrese. Rongolise. Aulpi. Corigliano. Maiano. Gallery, linking them to the capital Sessa Aurunca and in the Summer also to the Seaside Resort of Baia Domizia.

The managed Services of the Company include the public Transport of People on Urban Lines, with an Annual Mileage of about 117.000 km, the Service is developed with a Fleet of 5 Buses of which One gifted also for People's Transport with reduced Motor Skills.

Urban Service of the Municipality of Sessa Aurunca

Sessa A. - Rongolise - Lauro - S.Castrese-Bivio S.Castrese – Fasani – Bivio Fasani – Maiano -Galleria

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Galleria - Corigliano - Aulpi-Rongolise - Sessa A.

Tratta di linea:
Roccamonfina - Ponte - Lauro - S.Castrese - Fasani-Bivio S. Castrese - Baia Domizia

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Sessa Aurunca (Piazza L. Toro) – ITCG G. Florimonte

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Maiano - Stazione Ferroviaria di Sessa Aurunca